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Guidelines when choosing colours

Caprice Haxton

Posted on September 01 2015

Nude shoes work well with pastel and white shades of clothing. Nude also compliments shades of intense red, purple, blue or green. White shoes are definitely a summer version of black. They can be paired with all colours, as long as you balance the right colours together. As a rule, they look better with lighter hues of colour like pastels.

Black shoes will match anything and everything. Just be careful when pairing them with pastels and different shades of brown as a black pair of shoes can be quite overwhelming next to these shades.  A black pair is always best when black is repeated somewhere else in your outfit.

Brown shoes are best suited with brown, beige, orange, or green. The trick with brown shoes is finding the right balance between your outfit and shoe. Lighter shades of brown are a good match for white summer clothing. Grey shoes are becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility with majority of colours.

Silver shoes are ideal for white, grey, or black clothes. Silver also works well with various shades of blue and violet.

Gold Shoes pair well with strong colours like green, red and blue. A little bit of balance is required when matching gold with black and white, while its suggested that its best to avoid golden, sandy, grey or silver shades.