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5 Ways to love your shoes!

Caprice Haxton

Posted on August 25 2015

How to get the most from your favourite pairs! We always want to do the best by our shoes. It’s a hard life when you’re carrying the weight of a person across pavement and gravel and dirt. It’s amazing how much mileage you can get out of your shoes if you show them a little extra TLC. Here are five ways ensure your shoes are in it for the long haul.

  1. Break them in
    The best way to break in new shoes is by wearing them around the house with thick socks. Carpeted surfaces mean less wear on the soles, which is important in case you need to return them. Socks can help you stretch them a half size while protecting your skin against rub marks.

  2. Check the soles
    Never wear your shoes until the soles are completely worn down or damaged. If you see major scuffing or wear marks, that’s the time to get them resoled.

  3. Keep them dry and clean
    Avoid wearing your shoes in bad weather. While waterproofer and fabric protector does a lot to keep the materials from damage, it’s best not to wear your precious shoes on rainy days and on dirty surfaces.

  4. Treat them
    Keep them looking new and fresh by treating the leather at least once a month. It may seem excessive, but that extra conditioning keeps the leather supple, keeps the colour fresh, and keeps you on top of minor scuff marks. Don’t forget to regularly waterproof them too.

  5. Pack them carefully
    At home, stack your shoes away from light and dust if you can. Also try to avoid having shoes rub against each other. Storing in the original box is best for this. And when you’re traveling, wrap each shoe in clothing items, stuffing socks into the shoe to retain the shape.

Have you got any shoe advice you live by?